Thursday, August 19, 2010 is Having a Blog Contest

This what you'll be getting if you win's giveaway:

1st price – Ladies Chronograph (bic face) watch
2nd price – Kate Spade kikay kit (orange)
3rd price – Kate Spade kikay kit (floral)
How To Join
  1. Subscribe to her feed via email (1 entry)
  2. Blog about the contest. Include the prizes and link to her blog. (5 entries)
  3. Leave a comment on the contest page with what you did for the contest. (1 entry)
  4. Comment on any of her blog posts (1 entry each)
Go ahead and hop over to her site HERE for further details. 

1 comment:

Kym said...

eeeeek! that's a great watch!! i likey! ;D

thanks for checking out my website! glad you like what you see ;P yes, i do accept paypal. in fact, that's all i accept when doing online transactions - its safe and trusted! :)


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