Monday, November 12, 2012

Go Reds!

Am I getting better? bwahahahaha The husband was directing me on this shots taken by my camera phone. I look pregnant in the photos. I love my tummy and I don't care if anyone is "offended" by how I look. Anuvah! I've grown to love my body, it took a long time, but I've finally came to terms with it. I'm happy.

Any body issues you want to share?

Friday, November 9, 2012

Let's Boot It On!

Wearing boots to church was a first for me. The weather, gloomy and cold but not raining, made it perfect to wear such an ensemble. I still feel odd taking outfit shots and it shows. haha! One of these days, I'll perfect that skill and I'd be a pro OOTD poser. :)

       Dress: Get Laud/ Boots: Chilli Margarita

 I buy almost all my clothes online. Coz from where I live, there's no shopping malls. Sad but not really. Hey, I can save. Anyway, I finally got to book a trip to my hometown, Cebu. Thanks to CebuPac All Sales Day Piso Fare. I can't wait to shop. Toodles!

Monday, November 5, 2012

1st Photo Coverage

The husband and I are NOT photographers. But because my MIL's bestfriend is "cheaping-it-out" for her 60th natal day, we got the daunting task of photo and video coverage. Geesshhh! The invites I designed and made wholeheartedly because I love doing those kind of things and that's my business. lol Also, we made the cake. Could this be the beginning of a new venture? I don't know just yet.

I wore my peplum skirt on that VERY tiring day. This is also the only picture I have coz we were so busy. I was alternately wearing my heels and this yellow ballet flats I got for 99 bucks. And that folks, is how I spent my long weekend. Busy, frazzled and exhausted.

How was your loong weekend?

Sunday, October 28, 2012

My Week Thru IG

I can basically count with my two hands the people I know personally who does not use Instagram. Majority of which are 50 years old and above. "Instagram this shit" moments are a bit frequent than I want it to be. Here's my week thru Instagram:


Family, shoes & food. Oh yeah, that pretty much sums up my life. :) I am a happy gal! Believe it or not!

What do you live for?


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